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Feb 24th 2015 issued

From Formula Drift Japan last year, our JZX100 has become a hot topic for its 2JZ 3.6L engine. Thank you for waiting, we will proudly put The 3.6L Stroker Kit on the market this coming spring !!

●Kit Includes
Forged Full-Countered Crankshaft
Forged H-beam Con Rod
Forged Piston Kit

 P/N : 252004

Release Date : May, 2015
Price : TBA

Related Item

2JZ-GTE Inner-Shim Kit

Special profile Camshaft and valvetrain for more power and reliability. Also, this kit makes your valvetrain more light weight.

●Kit Include
PROCAM (IN 260-10.8/ EX 270-10.8 *Tentative)
Valve Spring
Special Dedicated Retainer & Shim

 P/N : 16350

Release Date : June, 2015
Price : TBA

Team KENJI with TOMEI JZX100 is scheduled to partisipate in all series of FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN 2015. Thank you for your support!!

・Series 1 : April 25th Sat - 26th Sun @ Tsukuba Circuit Course 2000
・Series 2 : July 11th Sat - 12th Sun @ Fuji Speed Way
・Series 3 : September 12th Sat - 13th Sun @ Suzuka Twin Circuit
・Series 4 : October 31st Sat - November 1st Sun @ Okayama Kokusai Circuit

Notification of Price Revision

Turbo Suction Hose for EJ

As of March 1st 2015, partial inventory of the products will receive the price revision.

 P/N : 451004(Black)   451002(Blue)

Price Before Revised :JPY 22,000
→ After Revised : JPY 32,000

Event Information

Finally, freezing winter is ending, now it's the season to prepare for track events!!
TOMEI is planning to attend sevral exhibitions this spring. We are looking forward to seeing you there!!

March 15th Sun NAPAC FESTA

@ Fuji Speed Way

Exhibitions and Track Performances by NAPAC memberships including TOMEI. Also THE 3RD ENDLESS CIRCUIT MEETING and ROADSTAR PARTY RACE SPECIAL SERIES will be held at the same day!!

April 12th Sun HYPER MEETING

@ Tsukuba Circuit

One of the Japanese biggest SUBARU/MITSUBISHI meeting events!! Track performances by car manufactures, talk shows by pro-drivers and engineers, Exhibition booths by tuners and parts makers, and more.. Lot is going on!!

Thank you for reading through out our mail news. Stay tuned with TOMEI

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